Protection of Pharmaceutical Equipment from the air contaminants.

By | November 8, 2017

    With the continued growth of varied segments in pharmaceutical industry, necessity of clean air has increased significantly.  There is a severe requirement of purified atmosphere for production of quality pharmaceutical products. This helps in advancement of lives through developments in areas such as agriculture, medicine, water conservation, fuel generation. In order to maintain an efficient and safe production procedure, the industry thrives to achieve the purest form of environment within the work area. Rigorous monitoring of the conservational operations is mandatory in order to prevent the probabilities of contamination for both equipment and production personnel. Processes and systems like thermal to catalytic installations have to be accordingly optimized for their identification of irregularities and dangers. The filtration must be adequate to keep LEL (lower explosion limits) in waste gases. The operation or manufacturing time with a clean environment is also very strategic for a successful business balance.

In pharmaceutical industry, there are dusts which due to their high value, are recycled into the manufacturing processes. On recycling, it must be simultaneously ensured that the products are free of foreign substances and that the stringent legal requirements in terms of product purity are maintained. All this demands custom-made filter media suiting the discrete requirements to meet the highest standards in filtration efficiency and product purity.

Identifying risk of microbiological contamination

   Pharmaceutical industry demands extraordinary attention towards airborne particles and their adverse effect on not only products but also on the employees working for it. The primary air contaminants are the Microorganisms found in a pharmaceutical facility and the source of which are mainly the people operational in the system. This atmosphere is also complex to fungal spores and airborne bacteria which are most likely to have biological risk for both production process and people surrounded to it.

   Controlling airborne particulates in indoor environments is certainly critical in order to develop quality products, protect them from contact with hazardous materials, or prevent health problems from prolonged exposure to allergens. Thus, superior air quality is imperative in the pharmaceutical sector, where it becomes mandatory to abide by strict norms.


Spectrum Filters, designed to overcome Critical Microbial Contamination.

   The pharmaceutical industry necessitates biosafety measures, specifically designed to meet the requirement of sterilised air and healthy environment for an entire manufacturing process. A complete air filtration system to reduce biological risk for the most sensitive processes is what productions are looking for.

   Spectrum Filtration has been dedicatedly delivering clean air since 20 years in collaboration with Filtration Group- Filtrair (USA). Utilizing the state-of-the-art technologies and equipment, our primary focus lies in designing the best customized filters suiting varied industry types. Spectrum offers a wide range of HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters, constructed from high quality wet laid micro-glass media and uses corrugated aluminium separators.

Spectrum’s wide range of technology intensive and customer specific filters ensure clean air for optimum functionality of high end production processes. Outstanding filter performance and Total Filtration Management (TFM) combine to set us apart in the filtration industry.

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